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Welcome to the Lodge, Your Natural Pet Care Center in West Bend, Wisconsin!

Does your dog need more exercise than you can give?
Is your dog lonely because it spends 40-50 hours alone each week?
Is your pet properly groomed each week?
Do you care about prolonging the healthy life of your pet?

Cozy Lodge Doggie Day Care is the answer to these issues and many more. This is a one-stop natural pet health center. Our center features a pet day care, boarding, natural foods and supplements store, grooming, confirmation, and educational seminars. Our day care includes indoor and outdoor play areas – the outdoor fenced area offers concrete and grassy areas for Rover to stretch and run, comfy furniture to nap on, an indoor deck, agility equipment, and lots of fun for your dog. Our services can be combined with overnight boarding, and grooming. Just as exercising several times a week is ideal for humans, it keeps our pets living long and healthy lives as well.

Nutrition is the basis of good health for you and the same is true for our pets. Why strive for fresher produce, better cuts of meat and a healthier life-style and then feed your pets foods that are filled with dyes, synthetics, fillers, and ingredients not fit for human consumption. Cozy Lodge Doggie Day Care's store is filled with healthful foods, supplements, and a variety of both dry and raw food to assist owners in giving their pet(s) a long and healthy life.

Cozy Lodge groomers are up-to-date on breed grooming standards for show dogs and pets. Your pet will enjoy a trip to the lodge and you will enjoy your pet even more upon their return.

Owner, Cyndie Reinheimer has 30 years experience breeding, showing, and training dogs. If you would like your pet to benefit from this level of commitment and caring, bring them to Cozy Lodge Doggie Day Care.


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